Which are the best tours in Malta

Posted by: Christian Galea on August 3rd, 2022

Which are the Best Tours in Malta?


When looking for the best tours one can do in Malta, it is imperative to first understand which are the main attractions and cities to visit. The Maltese islands offer a myriad of places to visit, events to attend, experiences to delve into and many more opportunities to enjoy one’s visit of this country.

I do believe that a tour of Valletta and Mdina are imperative as they are the two main cities in which most of the Maltese history has taken place along the centuries. Hence a tour in these two cities can give an understanding of the incredible history these small islands offer, but also, give an insight into the people and their way of life.

This is why I believe our tours are the Best Tours one can do in Malta as they are specifically designed to give real insight into these amazing cities to people who might know nothing or very little about Malta. The tours are meant to provide a better historical understanding of these islands but will also result very useful to learn more about who the Maltese are, what they eat and how they act and which are the influences along the centuries which have created the Malta we know now.

Our tours are also the only tours offered on the Maltese Islands for small groups of not more than 10 people but which remain affordable for anyone to join. The small groups are meant to help the guide create a more personable experience where one can relate, ask questions and top of all make friendships while discovering a new location. The tours are also meant to be more interactive which makes the experience much more fun.

These really are the Best Tours in Malta as it is the best value for your money without ever compromising the highest quality one can expect of a tour anywhere.




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