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Posted by: Christian Galea on August 2nd, 2022

Our Communities


As people travel more, most are now looking for their journeys to be an experience more than not just a selfie travel opportunity. We all are looking to go beyond a drive though visit where we get to drive past important monuments to boast about having been there on social media.

Our travels are now being planned in such a way that we are looking to explore the natural, artistic and architectonical beauty of a country but also want to learn about how people live, how communities interact, which rituals do they feel proud of carrying on, how they come together in special festivities and a million other details which one can really discover only if you have access to local communities.

Hence our tours are the Best Tours for one to immerse themself in the beauty of Maltese communities whereby we make it a point that our guides explain what makes that community so intriguing.

One such example is our walk through Mdina and Rabat where we make sure you not only learn about the incredible history of these towns but you also get to learn about the communities, their rivalries, the traditions they uphold till this very day and also the historical reasons for all of this.

We really believe that the Best Tours one get are the ones which are a complete showcase of whatever is so unique about those places. We also believe in contributing financially through our tours towards the upholding of these traditions including with our monetary donations towards the free of charge schools of music which exist in most towns and villages of the Maltese Islands.

Just hop on one of our tours to learn all about it!




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